Software Application Training

Level up your knowledge

We believe that the software we use every day should make our lives easier, not harder.  Our courses are designed to help you do more than ever before by learning how to fully leverage the applications you use every day.

We have a full course catalog of one hour and full day courses which are available to everyone.  We can also create and facilitate a personalized course just for your team. All of our courses can be delivered virtually, in-person or on-demand.

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IT Technologies Training

Build a stronger foundation

With a wide-range of IT Technology training, you have the tools available to always stay on top of new technologies as they emerge.

As an IT Professional, you strive to stay ahead of the technology curve in the ever-changing IT world. ETI Performance Improvement is here to assist in your quest for knowledge. Our Technical Training gives you flexibility to customize your training to meet your specific needs.

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Professional Development Training

Live life maximized 

Lead a legacy of change while learning the skills necessary to lead, manage projects or motivate those around you.

We provide customized solutions to help your organization instill best practices to cultivate employees’ abilities to lead, interact, coach, communicate and manage conflict as well as to leverage strengths and other significant aspects that feed success.

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Learning Designed Around You

Classroom, Virtual, On-demand

Learning Designed Around You

Classroom, Virtual, On-demand

What others are saying…

I can’t believe I didn’t take this class sooner!

It’s amazing how much Justin was able to share that I didn’t know! I’ve been using Outlook for years and I can honestly say that I can’t believe I didn’t take this class sooner!