Microsoft Publisher

Get started with Publisher and use our simple tools to help you create professional, personalized newsletters, brochures, post cards, and more. Level up your knowledge of this powerful app by joining a training session or scheduling personalized coaching.

60 Minutes |  Live Virtual Training

Discovery Training

We believe learning should be meaningful, concise and focused.  Our discovery series of training is laser focused on transferring essential knowledge and best practices for a single application feature.  Training is delivered live, virtually in 60 minutes and can be joined from any computer or mobile device. Discovery training is designed to ignite your passion for uncovering best practices and efficiencies while growing deeper in your understanding of the applications you use every day.

Half to Full Day  |  Live Virtual Training

Mastery Training

We believe learning should empower us to do more we ever dreamed possible. Our mastery series of training connects several discovery learning topics together. Our goal is to maximize your knowledge and understanding of how to fully leverage the complete application. Training is delivered live, virtually in a half or full day and can be joined from any computer or mobile device. Mastery training is modular by design and can be infinitely personalized for your team through custom virtual, in-person or on-demand training.

Mastery Sessions

1/2 – 1 Day | Live Virtual Training

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Publisher Essential Training1 DayVirtualView Course

Microsoft 365

Virtual Lunch and Learn

Join us for FREE the 1st Wednesday of every month for our free virtual lunch and learn. We'll look at what's new or changing soon with Microsoft 365 and showcase a couple ProTips that are sure to level-up your Microsoft 365 game.

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