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Email Template Project

This is the updated version of the HTML email template. (Version 2.0.0) The images are for illustration purposes only and are designed to showcase the updated visual style of the email template. The first image is an illustration of an email with all fields merged.  The second image is an illustration of the email template before any FLUXX fields are merged.

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Download Core HTML Template

All FLUXX HTML templates are based on this core template file.  This file contains the core HTML structure can be used to build new HTML templates.

Email Templates

The following is a list of the HTML version of all FLUXX emails including the field syntax. Click to view individual email templates. (Template file will open in new browser window)

Download All FLUXX Templates

The following is a zipped download of all FLUXX HTML templates. After download the individual email templates can be unzipped to view, edit or load into FLUXX.

Sample Outlook Template

This is for testing the Microsoft Outlook email template.  You can download the email template and send via your local version of Microsoft Outlook. This is for testing purposes only. Final Outlook templates will be uploaded upon approval of HTML visual changes of version 2.0. Additional configuration of Microsoft Outlook templates and/or Quick Parts will need local configuration.