Writing, Gathering and Testing User Requirements

Session Detail:    Virtual 2 Day

This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of the requirements process from beginning to end.

About this Course

This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of the requirements process from beginning to end. The sessions are designed to take the students through methods for analyzing the problem to be solved, gathering user input to determine user needs, documenting the requirements for the problem solution, managing the entire requirements lifecycle, and testing the requirements. Each module is reinforced with group exercises to allow the students immediate application of the concepts presented in each module. At the end of the workshop, a question and answer session will be conducted to deal with some of the most frequently asked questions.

By attending this workshop, the attendee should leave equipped to gather, define, manage and validate requirements in his or her own organization. No special knowledge of systems or requirements is required or assumed to attend this workshop.



Session Outline

Class Outline

Module 1: Exploring Requirements

  • Lesson 1: What is a requirement?
  • Lesson 2: The overall objective
  • Lesson 3: Why we aren’t very good at requirements
  • Lesson 4: Problems with requirements
  • Lesson 5: Why are requirements important?

Module 2: Problem Analysis

  • Lesson 1: Defining the Problem to be Solved
  • Lesson 2: Understanding the Problem
  • Lesson 3: Context-free Questions
  • Lesson 4: The Sources of False Assumptions
  • Lesson 5: Identify the Involved Parties
  • Lesson 6: Setting the Scope
  • Lesson 7: Identifying Constraints
  • Lesson 8: Modeling Techniques

Module 3: Techniques for Getting the User Perspective

  • Lesson 1: Getting the Right People
  • Lesson 2: Interview Techniques
  • Lesson 3: Defining Features
  • Lesson 4: Workshops
  • Lesson 5: Facilitating a Requirements Gathering Workshop
  • Lesson 6: Brainstorming
  • Lesson 7: Storyboards
  • Lesson 8: Use Cases
  • Lesson 9: JAD Sessions
  • Lesson 10: Role Playing
  • Lesson 11: Prototyping
  • Lesson 12: How to Have an Effective Meeting
  • Lesson 13: Dealing With Conflicts

Module 4: Documenting Requirements

  • Lesson 1: SRS Standards
  • Lesson 2: System Definition Models
  • Lesson 3: Levels of specification
  • Lesson 4: Dealing with ambiguity
  • Lesson 5: Tools for Documenting Requirements
  • Lesson 6: Use Cases

Module 5: Requirements Management

  • Lesson 1: Scope Management
  • Lesson 2: Managing Expectations
  • Lesson 3: Refinement of Requirements
  • Lesson 4: Change Control
  • Lesson 5: Tools for Change Control and Requirements Management
  • Lesson 6: How the Requirements Management Process is handled in the Rational Unified Process

Module 6: Testing Requirements

  • Lesson 1: Nine Quality Measures
  • Lesson 2: Verification Methods
  • Lesson 3: Ambiguity Walkthroughs and Reviews
  • Lesson 4: Technical Reviews
  • Lesson 5: User Satisfaction
  • Lesson 6: Benchmarking
  • Lesson 7: Developing Test Cases from Requirements
  • Lesson 8: Traceability in Test Cases
  • Lesson 9: The “V” Diagram
  • Lesson 10: Tools for Test Case Design from Requirements

Module 7: Dealing with Problems in the Requirements Process

  • Lesson 1: Scope Creep
  • Lesson 2: Excessive Change
  • Lesson 3: Uncontrolled Changes (Requirements Leakage)
  • Lesson 4: How to Start
  • Lesson 5: How to Start Earlier
  • Lesson 6: When to Stop

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Writing, Gathering and Testing User Requirements

2 Day


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