Visualizing Data with SharePoint 2013, Report Builder, PowerPivot PowerView with NO CODE

Session Detail:    Classroom 5 Day

This course is designed for the participant to explore the Microsoft data visualizations and gain an understanding of what can be accomplished without the use of code. SharePoint 2013 PerformancePoint, Excel Services, PowerView, PowerPivot and Report Builder are covered and combined into dashboards. This is an upgrade of course 50561AC.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who Can Benefit

The target audience of this course is for Business Analysts, Report Designers, Team Leads, SharePoint Administrators, Business Intelligence Developers and Project Managers that will be tasked with the implementation, support, management or training needed to rapidly empower the users to take advantage of the exploding world of Data V.

Why this course may be for you:
You have the infrastructure but getting reports generated out of I.T. just takes too long.
Lack of insight into what has happened is hampering your ability to move forward.
You need or want to use the web browser as your source of information so that it is as accessible as the internet.
You want to take advantage of the SharePoint deployment to manage the data connections, report objects, dashboards KPIs, etc.
You need to rapidly prototype reports for changing conditions
You want to move from textual reports to graphical reporting.
You are tasked with implementing Six Sigma type reports using Visio Data Driven objects
Your organization wants to implement analysis based on automatically updating data
You need to implement a Single Source of The Truth structure.
You need to understand the effectiveness of the reports and dashboards.
You need an understanding of the tools that are available and how to determine which is the target audience for those tools.
You need to implemant actionable dashboards to allow line managers to rapidly take action.

Session Outline

Class Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: What does NO Code mean?
  • Lesson 2: How to get the most out of this course
  • Lesson 3: The course setup
  • Lesson 4: What is not covered?

Module 2: Data Visualizations

  • Lesson 1: Data Visualization Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: The Microsoft Toolsets for Visualizations

Module 3: Dashboard Design Principles

  • Lesson 1: Successful dashboards
  • Lesson 2: Quantitative relationships
  • Lesson 3: Summary numbers
  • Lesson 4: Tables or graphs?
  • Lesson 5: Types of graphs
  • Lesson 6: Key performance indicators
  • Lesson 7: Dashboard taxonomies
  • Lesson 8: Pitfalls in dashboard design

Module 4: Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

  • Lesson 1: Microsoft Business intelligence Overview
  • Lesson 2: Business Intelligence in three ways
  • Lesson 3: SQL Integration Services ETL
  • Lesson 4: Reporting Services
  • Lesson 5: Master Data Services
  • Lesson 6: Data Quality Services
  • Lesson 7: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence

Module 5: Report Builder 3.0

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Report Builder 3.0
  • Lesson 2: Report Builder 3.0 Wizards
  • Lesson 3: Report Builder 3.0 Graphics
  • Lesson 4: Intermediate Reports

Module 6: PowerPivot and PowerView

  • Lesson 1: PowerPivot
  • Lesson 2: DAX
  • Lesson 3: PowerView

Module 7: SharePoint 2013 Excel Services

  • Lesson 1: New 2013 Excel Services Features
  • Lesson 2: Core Components
  • Lesson 3: Excel Web Access (EWA)
  • Lesson 4: What Excel Web Access is Not
  • Lesson 5: Differences in the Browser vs. Desktop
  • Lesson 6: SharePoint Libraries to Store Workbooks
  • Lesson 7: Power View Add-in for Excel
  • Lesson 8: The Save and Share Process
  • Lesson 9: Excel Web App
  • Lesson 10: Best Practices

Module 8: SharePoint 2013 PerformancePoint Services

  • Lesson 1: New 2013 Overview of PerformancePoint Services
  • Lesson 2: Dashboard Designer
  • Lesson 3: Data Sources
  • Lesson 4: Indicators
  • Lesson 5: KPIs
  • Lesson 6: Visual Reports
  • Lesson 7: Filters
  • Lesson 8: Scorecards
  • Lesson 9: Dashboards

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Visualizing Data with SharePoint 2013, Report Builder, PowerPivot PowerView with NO CODE

5 Day


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