Visualizing Data with Report Builder 3.0

Session Detail:    Classroom 2 Day

This instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to add graphs gauges and maps to reports developed utilizing SQL Server 2008 R2 reporting services. The development of these visualizations focuses on the use of report builder 3.0. This tool is reporting tools that integrate the development of reports with visualizations.


Before attending this course, students should have:

  • Experience in developing analytical reports.

Who Can Benefit

Report developers, power users, and those interested in visualizations in reporting. This course is designed to enhance the skills of those that are generating reports using SSRS by adding graphs, gauges, and maps.

Session Outline

Class Outline

Module 1: Overview of VisualizationsLessons

  • Lesson 1: Goals of reporting
  • Lesson 2: Types of reports
  • Lesson 3: Audiences
  • Lesson 4: Attack of the images

Module 2: ChartsLessons

  • Lesson 1: Matching the chart to the data
  • Lesson 2: Choosing a type of chart to display the data New SQL 2008 Charts
  • Lesson 3: Chart Properties
  • Lesson 4: Sparklines Data bars and Indicators Advanced Techniques
  • Lesson 5: Formatting

Module 3: GaugesLessons

  • Lesson 1: Matching gauges to the data
  • Lesson 2: Variations of gauges
  • Lesson 3: Selecting a gauge type
  • Lesson 4: Linear gauges
  • Lesson 5: Radial Gauges

Module 4: MapsLessons

  • Lesson 1: Spatial Data
  • Lesson 2: Basic maps
  • Lesson 3: Analyzing with color
  • Lesson 4: Geography display
  • Lesson 5: Color points

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Visualizing Data with Report Builder 3.0

2 Day


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