OneNote Essential Training

Our essentials series of courses are designed to level-up the core knowledge of the applications we use every day. Each essential course is a collection of four discovery sessions that connect the key skills needed to build efficiency as we strive to do things a better way.

What You'll Learn

Discovery Training Course

Quick Start to Getting Started with OneNote

  • An Introduction to OneNote and Microsoft 365
  • How to Navigate the User Interface
  • How to Add Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
  • How to Leverage OneNote Templates
  • How to Work with OneNote Content
Discovery Training Course

Getting Started with Formatting in OneNote

  • An Introduction to OneNote Formatting
  • How to Format Text
  • How to Format Graphics and Shapes
  • How to Format and Use Drawing tools
  • How to Format Pages
Discovery Training Course

Getting Started Using OneNote for Organization

  • How to Effectively Organize OneNote Content
  • How to Organize Notebooks, Sections and Pages
  • How to Visually Organize Content
  • How to Work with Tags, Search and Filters
  • Tips for Saving Time for Using OneNote Every Day
Discovery Training Course

Sharing and Collaborating Using OneNote

  • Introduction to Sharing and Collaborating Using OneNote
  • How to Share A OneNote Notebook
  • How to Use OneNote with Microsoft OneDrive
  • How to Use OneNote with Microsoft Teams

Need to train your team?

All of our sessions can be customized to meet your team’s specific need. Build the perfect program by picking and choosing topics from any of the courses in our catalog. A personalized private session gives you the ultimate flexibility and helps maximize your team’s valuable time!

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Nov 10, 20219:00AM-4:00PM ESTVirtual$299.99
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OneNote Essential Training

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