Network Insight: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]

Session Detail:    Classroom 2 Day

This two-day, hands-on course gives you the skills to deploy and use VMware vRealize® Network Insight™ to ensure an optimized, highly available, and secure infrastructure for your applications. You will learn the features, components, architecture, and benefits of vRealize Network Insight and how to use it to simplify daily operation and troubleshooting tasks.


Students taking this course should have general networking and security knowledge. Before taking this course, students should take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge and experience:

  • VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.4]
  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Fundamentals

Who Can Benefit

Network professionals and who design, build, operate, manage, and troubleshoot software-defined networking and security, and application owners who need visibility across multi-cloud environments

Session Outline

Class Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Introductions and course logistics
  • Lesson 2: Course objectives

Module 2: Introduction to vRealize Network Insight

  • Lesson 1: Identify the use cases for vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 2: Access the vRealize Network Insight Home page
  • Lesson 3: View vRealize Network Insight entity data
  • Lesson 4: Perform searches for specific entity data
  • Lesson 5: Create entity search queries
  • Lesson 6: Find and use event data

Module 3: vRealize Network Insight Architecture and Components

  • Lesson 1: Identify the components of vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 2: Describe the function of each component and how the components interact
  • Lesson 3: Check the health of vRealize Network Insight components

Module 4: vRealize Network Insight Installation

  • Lesson 1: Deploy vRealize Network Insight components
  • Lesson 2: Configure the pairing relationship between the platform VM and the proxy VM
  • Lesson 3: Troubleshoot platform VM and proxy VM configuration problems
  • Lesson 4: Explain how data sources export flow information
  • Lesson 5: Add VMware vCenter Server® to vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 6: Add a VMware NSX® data source to vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 7: Configure IPFIX
  • Lesson 8: Distinguish between the mechanisms used to scale vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 9: Select the appropriate scaling mechanism for your environment
  • Lesson 10: Describe how clusters are expanded

Module 5: vRealize Network Insight Use Cases

  • Lesson 1: Explain use cases for vRealize Network Insight
  • Lesson 2: Create vRealize Network Insight applications
  • Lesson 3: Perform application discovery
  • Lesson 4: Plan and optimize micro-segmentation and security for applications
  • Lesson 5: Explain the use of flow analytics
  • Lesson 6: Use flow information from physical devices in security planning
  • Lesson 7: Generate virtual machine path topologies between entities using flows
  • Lesson 8: Extract useful information from path topologies
  • Lesson 9: Validate NSX for vSphere deployments
  • Lesson 10: Monitor and troubleshoot NSX for vSphere events

Module 6: Operations and Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Lesson 1: Perform vRealize Network Insight operations by using VMware vSphere® tags
  • Lesson 2: Use the flow analytics dashboards to perform flow analysis
  • Lesson 3: Set and configure thresholds to identify aberrations in the behavior of entities
  • Lesson 4: Use vRealize Network Insight tools to troubleshoot common problems
  • Lesson 5: Generate and export support logs
  • Lesson 6: Integrate VMware vRealize® Log Insight™ with vRealize Network Insight

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Network Insight: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]

2 Day


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