Microsoft Visio, Level 2

Session Detail:    Classroom, Virtual 2013, 2016, Office 365 1 Day

Session Detail:

This course builds upon the skills you will have developed in Part One. In this course, you will learn about: the different features of the interface, how to print, and some common usage scenarios. You will also learn how to connect drawings to outside resources, and cover some of the more advanced formatting options found in this latest edition of Microsoft Visio.

What You’ll Learn

  • Enhancing the Look of Drawings
  • Creating Shapes, Stencils, and Templates
  • Connecting Drawings to External Data
  • Leveraging Development Tools
  • Sharing Drawings

Session Outline

Lesson 1: Enhancing the Look of Drawings

Topic A: Work with Shape Styles

Topic B: Use 3D Shapes

Topic C: Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes, Stencils, and Templates

Topic A: Create Cutsom Stencils

Topic B: Create Simple Custom Shapes

Topic C: Create Master Shapes

Topic D: Create Custome Templates

Lesson 3: Connecting Drawings to External Data

Topic A: Generate a Pivot Diagram from an Excel Spreadsheet

Topic B: Create a Chart from a Project File

Topic C: Create a Timeline from a Project File

Topic D: Connect to an Access Database

Lesson 4: Leveraging Development Tools

Topic A: Create Macros

Topic B: Modify ShapeSheets

Topic C: Use Advanced Shape Tools

Lesson 5: Sharing Drawings

Topic A: Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive

Topic B: Review Drawings

Topic C: Insert Drawings into Other Office Files

Topic D: Export Drawings

Topic E: Print Drawings

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Microsoft Visio, Level 2

1 Day
Classroom, Virtual



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