Change Management

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None of us can escape change.

We understand that change is scary. But everyone has to manage shifts, switches, and adjustments, both professionally and personally, whether they embrace it or not. When your organization undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, how do you seize opportunities to proactively foster a foundation for success?

Let’s turn the fear and anxiety of the unknown into opportunities for honesty, encouragement, and empowerment. Welcome to The Interchange: Change Management.

What to Expect:

This one-day course is designed specifically for supervisors, managers, and leaders (Scrum Masters and Product Owners) within Agile dealing with how to manage the implementation of transformations, modifications, and variations in the workplace. Attendees of this specialized courseware will learn the stages of change, pacing, dealing with resistance, adaptive strategies, approaching changes as an opportunity for growth, and more.

This course is a combination of instruction complemented by individual and team-based exercises.

During the intensive program, students will experience why The Interchange: Change Management is the cutting-edge course for anyone looking to act as an organizational leader in bringing a positive, productive mindset regarding change. No matter what industry you come from, you and your organization will benefit from adopting more mindful and impactful communicative strategies to unite and fuel your workplace.

The Interchange is our brand-new collection of impactful soft skills training. Spanning four critical pillars of workplace dynamics, we’ll show you how you can empower yourself, and others, to foster organizational transformations. It’s time to create movement by getting your interpersonal skills in gear.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone interested in understanding how to embrace change in others by properly navigating and decompressing challenging stigmas and stresses associated with transformations. Within Agile, it is particularly beneficial for leaders within an organization responsible for coaching, managing, and participating in Scrum teams.

What’s In It For Me?

Upon the completion of the program, you’ll be ready to fuel incredible results by discovering a set of new set of team-building empowerment skills:

  • Identifying and defining the stages of change
  • Understanding the importance of pacing when activating change
  • Dealing with resistance and embracing vulnerability
  • Adopting various adaptive strategies to allow various paths to success
  • Viewing organizational changes as an opportunity for growth


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Change Management

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