Be a Better Speaker

Session Detail:    Classroom 1 Day

Session Detail:

Do you dread public speaking? Join the club. Along with death and spiders, it’s what people fear most. With this workshop, you can learn how to conquer your fears and Up Your Speaking Game.

“Do you dread public speaking? Join the club. Along with death and spiders, it’s what people fear most. However, being an effective presenter is critical for anyone who is (or aspires to be) in a leadership position. In fact, certain presentations can be downright career defining.” – Susan Tardanico 

Instead of leaving your presentation and speaking to chance, learn from two accomplished speakers and coaches. Tommy Richardson and Jack Klemeyer bring you: “Up Your Game! Become a Better Presenter” as part of their Speaking Excellence series.

At Course Completion

During this workshop, Participants will learn strategies to become a better presenter by:

  • Learning how to create a talk that moves the audience to take action
  • Discovering how to deliver a talk confidently and effortlessly
  • Practicing how to weave an effective sales message into their talk
  • Understanding how to find their “right” audience to give their talk

Seating for this event is limited due to the focused hands-on process each participant will be guided through to Up Their Game!

Each person will be videoed and given specific feedback to help them grow and become a better speaker.

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Be a Better Speaker

1 Day


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